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Attract new customers using the power of Video SEO & Win them over with an AI- powered Buyer engagement platform that automatically listens, understands & converts using the most personalized experience.

50% reduction in tools used with Omnichannel tracking

2x more open rates with personalized AI-powered Email

760% increase in revenue with Video & AMP Email

Highest Email Delivery Rate in the industry

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Say goodbye to user intent getting lost between teams and tools

The Future of Email Marketing starts here.

Effortless Campaign Design

Designing multi-touch attributions across products, websites, email, chatbots, and video has never been easier. With Show, you gain access to a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process, making data-driven email campaigns a breeze.

Optimize Your Campaigns

Our platform goes the extra mile to optimize your campaigns based on your customers’ most active times. We also monitor users who may be slipping away, ensuring you can re-engage with them at the right moment. Expect maximum engagement and the highest delivery rates ever.

Unparalleled Coverage

From Drip Campaigns to Video Emails and everything in between, Show has your back. Our comprehensive range of features empowers your business to execute captivating campaigns with hundreds of pre-set templates across multiple channels.

Experience the

Show Difference

Harness the power of AI-powered content, custom segmentation, and data-driven strategies with Show's outbound campaigns. Take your marketing efforts to new heights and see the difference it can make for your business. Join us today and unlock a world of possibilities.

Automate Interactive Email Creation with Show AI

Build emails that engage within the recipient’s inbox. Use Show AI to create email content for endless scenarios and conversational tones. Deliver interactive, personalised, and captivating messages that drive conversions and maximize campaign effectiveness.

Define Unlimited Custom User Journeys and Audience Segments

Boost your marketing ROI with inbuilt journey tracking, advanced audience segmentation, and personalised campaigns that run on dynamic rule engines. Capture critical moments with zero data loss and flawless email deliverability.

In-Built Hard Stops, Deliverability Alerts, and Domain Warm Up

Set up subscriber lists, receive notifications on high bounce/low deliverability, and sit back with our in-built hard stops designed to suit large scale cold outreach efforts. Get started on pre-warmed up IPs, enable email verification, and protect your domain from risk.

Add Forms, Videos, and Calendars to Personalised Campaigns

Design campaigns that allow you to set up lead capture, meeting scheduling, and feedback collection mechanisms within your email. Track campaign effectiveness for your pre-defined segments with our advanced email analytics module.

We help teams plan data
driven engagements
with fewer tools

Planning an outreach campaign should not take weeks. Show helps teams gather historical data, identify most engaged audiences, design and deploy event based outreach emails (oh yes, it does a LOT more!)

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Show AI is a feature of Show that uses a language processing AI to enable highly engaging email creation. Show AI allows users to build personalized email content for different scenarios and conversational tones.
Be it for ecommerce, SaaS, sales outreach, or customer support, you can input a few key email outcome suggestions to the AI and get started with email content that contains CTAs, forms, emojis, and more!
Show provides a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of designing multi-touch attributions across different channels, such as product, web, email, and video. You can then connect the data from across these touchpoints to design relevant email campaigns and personalized interventions.
Absolutely. Show provides in-built hard stops, deliverability alerts, and domain warm-up capabilities. It helps you manage subscriber lists, detect and handle high bounce or low deliverability rates, and offers features to protect your domain reputation.
Yes, Show provides an advanced email analytics module that gives you in-depth insights into campaign performance. You can track open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and more for different audience segments, enabling you to optimize your campaigns effectively.
Getting started with Show is easy. Simply sign up for an account, explore the features, and start creating impactful email campaigns. Show's intuitive interface and helpful resources will guide you through the process to unlock the full potential of email marketing.


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