6 Ways to Use Interactive Videos in 2023

Interactive videos are here to stay and ensure that video-first marketing consolidates its position as the numero uno of marketing. 78% of businesses witnessed better sales with interactive video content compared to normal videos. 

Interactive videos have not only made videos more enjoyable but also more functional. Let’s have a look at the definition of interactive videos.

What Are Interactive Videos?

The videos that support user interactivity are known as interactive videos. Viewers interact through clickable content that is used for a wide range of reasons.

Interactive videos for marketing have already gained traction. However, they can cover a multitude of use cases as they are dynamic. 

How to Use Interactive Videos?

Now that we know about interactive videos. It’s time to put our knowledge to practice. Here’s how you can use interactive videos:

1. Lead Generation

Interactive video content is a great tool for lead generation. Today’s consumers are impatient. They do not have the time to search for a website after watching your video nor will they sift through your description to find a lot. But the audience watching your video alone will not suffice. How do you manage to convert viewers to leads? You add interactive hotspots to your videos. Interactive videos increase leads by 18%. These are some of the interactive hotspots you can add for lead generation: 

(i) Forms: You allow your viewers to fill in their information right within the video with a form. They can access the form right there instead of them following a trail from your video. It is far more convenient for them. Your forms in videos are bound to generate a great deal of interest and leads If your video is appealing,

Lead forms

(ii) Turnstile Forms as Email Gates: If the sole purpose of your video is to collect information. You can use a form right at the beginning of your video. You can use it in such a manner that your video will play only if they fill out the form. Yes, you are risking the number of views. However, on a positive note, every viewer is also a lead. 

2. Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations can turn out to be bland. Adding clickable hotspots like quizzes and surveys will make them appealing. You can also add polls to judge the likability of a product. Annotation links also help a great deal as they are not interruptive. You can add a CTA right in your video that will redirect viewers so that they can buy the product directly. 

Product Demonstrations

3. Drive and Increase Web Traffic

Your website is the portfolio of your business. It lays the foundation for your long-term sales. Every business ensures that its website is world-class. However, generating traffic is a different ball game. A website is rendered redundant without deriving adequate traffic. It is not easy to stand out amongst jam-packed competition today. Thankfully, we have interactive videos that generate 21% more web traffic compared to normal videos

4. Informative Videos

Informational videos can turn out to be vanilla. People have access to infotainment at the click of a button. You cannot take it for granted that your videos will be watched fully. You need it to make it worth your viewers’ time. Making your videos interactive is a great way to hold your audience’s attention. The average viewing time of an interactive video is 44% more than a normal video. 

The average viewing time is not just a mere number. It gives insightful data about your consumer behaviour and viewing patterns. It is important to be up-to-date with video analytics

Informative Videos

5. Customer Feedback

Your customers are your greatest source of learning. It is important to have a finger on the pulse of your customers. They are the lifeblood of any business. One flipside of social media and other platforms is that sometimes information can turn out to be noisy. There’s simply too much information out there.

There’s a solution to this mayhem. Interactive videos can turn out to be your saviors. You can collect both quantitate and qualitative feedback with the help of polls and quizzes from your videos. 

6. Training

Corporate training has become difficult due to remote work and dwindling attention spans. Creating a learning management system with an efficient video CMS is the key in such scenarios. As it will help employees revise with ease.

However, the videos need to be engaging as well in such cases. As we have already seen, interactive videos make videos captivating. Using interactive videos for training and development is the future of corporate training. 

The internet is cluttered and full of options. Customers jump from one video to another on a whim. Interactive videos help you captivate and engage your audience. All you have to do is collaborate with a video hosting platform to create interactive videos and take your business places.