10 Fantastic free video prospecting tools for sales in 2023

Using video for sales is incomplete if you don’t know, or don’t use the best video prospecting tools. In a study, 83% of the marketers said videos helped them generate leads. Naturally, you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to prospecting and converting efficiently.

Organizations of all sizes, from startups to translational enterprises, are leveraging the power of video. And thanks to the widespread use of handheld devices and laptops, and also high-speed internet, the efficacy of video for business promotion is only going to rise.

However, to make the most out of sales prospecting using videos, you’ll probably want to be clear about what is video prospecting. 

What is video prospecting?

Here is video prospecting definition in simple words: Video prospecting is a sales prospecting technique of pitching to prospects using brief, customized videos.

The most common channel to send these videos is as links in emails. However, prospecting videos are increasingly shared over social media platforms, LinkedIn messages, or text messages. It’s a good practice to begin the prospecting video by mentioning the prospect’s name, just like you do in an in-person conversation. After that, you can quickly move to the purpose of the video (for instance, answering a query).

It’s not unusual for people to be confused between video prospecting and video marketing, but they aren’t the same. While there are many differences, we’ll highlight just two.

One, prospecting videos are tailor-made and specialized. That means they are targeted to a specific prospect and talk about a specific problem. Video marketing, on the other hand, takes a generalized approach and is meant to be relevant to the entire target audience. 

Two, prospecting videos take a slightly informal approach in their content. That’s because your sales rep is trying to make it more conversational. Against that marketing, videos rely more on the story-telling style.

HubSpot cited a study in which 80% of video marketers claimed that using video had directly increased their sales. That’s another strong reason to leverage videos to pitch more effectively. Now, it’s time to compare video prospecting tools in detail, along with their features and pricing.

Comparison of video prospecting tools

1. Show by Animaker

As the successful video hosting backbone of over 13 million users of Animaker, Show has clearly proved its worth as the top video prospecting software. 

To begin with, Show provides you with heat maps. As a result, you can know precisely what parts of your video the prospect watched more often, basically revealing your sweet spot. Add to it the powerful analytics, and you are equipped to replicate a persuasive, in-person experience.

Show allows you to not only host videos but also communicate with your audience. Need to ask questions? Show lets you do that. Want to personalize it quickly with your brand and theme? Show gives you complete freedom to play with themes and brands the video your way in order to leave a stronger impression in the mind of your prospect. How about a poll to gauge viewer sentiment? Sure, Show lets you do that too.

That’s not all. Sometimes your viewer has lower quality internet access while at other times, they have 5G access. No worries, Show has your back. It lets you cover the entire spectrum and allows you to play videos across 2G to 5G with equal ease. And if you’re looking for quality selection, you can choose from a typical WhatsApp-type light video to a really rich, immersive, 8k quality video.

And one its powerful features is that you can either use it with a CRM of your choice or you can make use of the in-built CRM. This system removes a lot of friction from the buying experience of your prospect and helps your sales reps crush quota in a shorter time.

Show pricing

  • The Free version allows 500 contacts and 10GB bandwidth, among other features.
  • Amongst the paid plans, Starter is priced at $23 per month (1 team member, 50GB bandwidth), while the Pro plan is priced at $79 per month (3 team members, 300GB bandwidth). 

2. Vidyard

Vidyard is one of those easy-to-use video tools for sales prospecting and getting results. With Vidyard, you can record videos from your browser, your desktop, and even from your phone. For the browser recording, you can use their Chrome extension. And to share the video, you just need to copy-paste the link on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

One of the reasons salespeople rank it as one of the best video prospecting software is the variety of features and convenience Vidyard offers. For example, you will be notified the moment someone watches your video, along with details of the location of the viewer and the duration for which they watched the video.

There are some small but useful features as well. As an example, you can change the thumbnail to help prospects better identify you. For better SEO, you can add captions and metadata.

Vidyard Pricing

  • The free plan allows you up to 1 hour of video recording. Zoom integration is not included in the free plan.
  • Paid plans begin at $19 per month and extend up to $1,250 per month (billed only annually). 

3. Hippo Video

Hippo Video offers a wide suite of features that’d easily be at par with those provided by any of the major video prospecting tools out there. 

To begin with, you can record and send your videos in Gmail or Outlook almost effortlessly. Their analytics will show you data on watch rate, video views, share rate, retention rate, and so on. You can also get the IP address of your viewer as also their device details. Also, learn about how they’re engaging with your video and whether they’re clicking the CTA.

If you’re trying to scale sales videos and yet keep them personalized, Hippo Video will help you do it - just add a name, email id, and company name and each of your recipients will receive the same video but more personalized. By paying for the additional personalization features, you can do a lot more with personalization - audio personalization, text personalization, image personalization… 

As an additional feature in some plans, they have a video sales coach who can guide you in improving your videos.

One challenge could be the complex pricing plans they follow. You need to choose a plan based on how you’ll be using HippoVideo (from the given 4 activities: Sales, Marketing, Support, and Team Communications). Each activity has 3 plans, so that’s a total of 12 plans to choose from. In addition to being a tad confusing, you’ll also be restricting yourself when you choose one plan over the other.

Hippo Video Pricing

  • You can avail a free trial for 7 days. It comes with a watermark and you get HD quality. 
  • Paid plans for Sales begin with the Starter plan ($ 19 per month). Zoom integration is available only for higher plans.

4. Bonjoro

If you’ve been using video prospecting tools for some time now, or have even used it once in a while, you’ll know creating subject lines and messages are time-consuming. Bonjoro solves that problem by including various templates for you to choose from. 

Bonjoro offers you some great features. For example, it lets you pull data from your CRM before you create a prospecting video. That way, you will have a strong understanding of the customer and also understand the context. Their mobile apps for iOS and Android are quite neat and intuitive. 

Another reason sales reps like Bonjoro is the way you can include it in your workflows, helping you stay more efficient and organized. For example, when a prospect completes a certain action, say downloading a file, your Bonjoro account will add a new ‘task’ for you. As a response to that action by the prospect, you can complete the task by recording and sending a video message to the prospect. 

Bonjoro’s active integrations include InfusionSoft, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, Drip, and Intercom among others. That means you can work with your Bonjoro seamlessly from the platform of your choice.


  • The free model allows you 50 videos. Also, there will be Bonjoro branding in these videos.
  • The paid plan begins with the Starter plan at $19 per month and goes up to $99 per month. For adding unlimited team members, you can opt for the Company plan that’s priced at $499 per month.

5. BombBomb

As a video messaging platform, BombBomb certainly accelerates your sales. Just like the other top video prospecting tools on this list, BombBomb lets you send personalized video messages and win more leads.

Their prime objective is to ensure that your sales reps are able to send one-to-one, personalized video emails to your prospects effectively and that too from multiple locations. Gmail? Yes. Browser? Yes. Mobile device? Yes. BombBomb gives you flexibility and insights. You can, for example, know when and for how long your prospects watched your video, and in what way they’ve engaged with your video.

BombBomb integrates with many popular CRM platforms so you can directly connect from your favorite one. You can include a CTA anywhere in the video to prompt and guide your viewers on the next action they could take.

BombBomb pricing

  • The free plan also includes the Enterprise plan for enterprise-sized businesses.
  • Paid plans (‘Essentials’) begin at $29 per month. That does not include the mass email facility, which is available for the next plan (‘Plus’; $49/mo).

6. Soapbox by Wistia

Soapbox, the freemium Chrome extension by Wistia, is certainly a popular tool among sales professionals. One of the top video prospecting tools, Soapbox is feature-rich and can be used quite easily even if you have only a very elementary understanding of recording and editing.

Often, when you record both the screen and yourself simultaneously, your own image might get reduced in size, giving larger space to the recorded screen. Soapbox addresses this issue by letting you use up to one-third of screen space for yourself and the remaining two-thirds for the screen recording.

Even with the free account, you can customize the player color, giving you some room to stylize the video and suit your branding. Besides that, you can also download videos if you’d like to share the videos elsewhere, independent of the platform. Finally, it’s quite simple to book meetings using the videos, which is a great feature, because that’s the whole purpose of any sales prospecting message.

An interesting thing we noticed is that the Teams plan gives you a comprehensive view of the engagement and conversion data for all your users. Also, you can review the videos of all users, in order to be sure your team is sending out the right messages.

Soapbox Pricing

  • The free plan allows limited features, but it’s a great place to start nevertheless.
  • The paid plan Solo starts at $300 per year (we couldn’t find a monthly plan), while the Teams plan begins at $420 per year.

7. Drift

Drift is primarily a revenue acceleration platform that has begun offering the video sales facility.  Its effective video prospecting software has gained popularity and you’ll see many sales reps using it happily. In addition to videos, you can create and share GIFs to make your communication more lively.

On the one hand, you can chat live with your prospect while they’re watching your video. On the other hand, you can use the video chatbot to do the same while you’re not available. That means Drift lets you prospect even while you’re resting, on a holiday, away from work, or somehow unavailable, something really valuable for a sales video prospecting software.

Another valuable feature Drift brings to sales reps is that of real-time notifications. Any time your prospect watches your video, you receive a notification. That means you can immediately take the next step (send a voice message, for instance). Because that’s the right time to engage the viewer, these notifications can be a powerful turning point for your sales teams.

Finally, there is the Drift Insider Community.  It’s meant to provide you with various insights on marketing and sales. This is done with the help of various training assets, interviews, insights, and more. Moreover, this community offers certifications for various sales- and marketing-centric activities.

Drift Pricing

  • They have a free plan.
  • Their fee structure is available on request.

8.  Dubb

Tired of prospecting using emails only? Want to make your messaging alive? You can check out Dubb, one of the best video prospecting tools out there for your sales teams chasing inbound or outbound leads.

Dubb lets you combine email engagement with video prospecting. When using video email campaigns for sales prospecting, you can also track the opening of emails and their clicks. Their analytics will also tell you the watch times of your videos. And Dubb tells you all about CTA clicks because video prospecting is about encouraging your leads to take an action like filling up a form or booking an appointment with the calendar option that Dubb provides.

Using Dubb, you can also build video landing pages with grids. That way, your prospects can watch all your videos from the same place, since all your videos will be placed in a grid layout on the page. For the bigger plan (Pro Plus), you even get an account manager and phone support, something valuable when you’re using an otherwise self-service platform.

Dubb Pricing

  • The free plan, which is called the Starter Plan, allows you 10GB of storage or 100 SD videos.
  • The paid plans, which start with the Pro plan, begin at $40 per month.

9. Vmaker

Vmaker is a webcam and screen recording software which helps you to record, edit, and share videos on the go. You can either install its Mac app or chrome extension. If you want to send personalized video emails to each of your prospects, then you can install the Vmaker chrome extension and tap on the Vmaker icon next to the Send button in your Gmail/Outlook mailbox. Now, you can record a video of yourself and also your screen and communicate with your prospects.  

Vmaker’s additional features like adding custom name, custom CTA, and branded frames to your webcam bubble broadens your branding game. They help you to stay on top of your prospect’s mind even after they’ve watched your video.

Vmaker’s Pricing

  • Vmaker’s free plan allows you to record an unlimited number of videos and also offers viewers insights. They offer three paid plans like Starter, Team, and Enterprise and you can pick a plan based on your usage and the feature requirements. 
  • The Enterprise pricing is not disclosed on their website.

10. Loom

Loom is another great sales video prospecting software out there. Apart from being a popular internal communications tool, Loom can also be used for reaching out to prospects.

Its Chrome extension gives you a screen recording facility. With that, you can simultaneously record yourself and the screen. Besides that, it’s also available as a mobile app. To the videos you create, you can also add a CTA, helping prospects take instant action without having to search for a button. 

Besides, it’s quite easy to edit the videos; they claim their editing is faster. You can use video to spell out the agenda of an upcoming meeting or summarize the meeting you just had with the prospect. You can also use their analytics to gauge the performance of your videos. Following the latest update, you can also create video GIFs and use the team collaboration features. 

Loom Pricing 

  • The Free plan allows you 25 videos per person and limits the video length to 5 minutes.
  • The Business plan is billed at $10 per month. The Enterprise plan pricing is not disclosed.

Closing remarks

The primary reason behind this comparison of the top video prospecting tools was to provide you with all the details you’d need before making a choice. Your specific needs will decide which of the video tools feels better over the rest. 

At Show, we’re deeply committed to providing and creating growth opportunities for our clients. While our clients include organizations of all sizes, small and medium enterprises have found us particularly effective, because we’re intuitive and simple, and our analytics features help our customers get more out of videos.

Why not use our free trial to understand what makes us an ideal video prospecting tool?

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