5 Reasons Why Video Hosting Platform Is the Best Video Marketing Tool

It is now carved in stone that video marketing is the most productive way of marketing. What else explains video marketing being able to exponentially improve ROI, traffic, and demand? Video marketing is easily the benchmark amongst its ilk. However, there are countless examples of video marketing strategies going kaput.

More often than not, the fault does not lie in the videos or the video marketing strategies. It is a classic case of trying to fit a square peg in round holes. 

Just like every artist needs a muse, every marketing video needs the right marketing tool: a video hosting platform

What Is a Video Hosting Platform?

A video hosting platform is not limited to hosting videos. It goes beyond uploading, storing, and distributing your videos. It provides you with video hosting services such as making your videos interactive, video analytics, video email marketing, video CMS, video SEO, and so on. 

A video hosting platform is an easel for the canvas of your videos. It is going to support your videos and is going to take them to their rightful place. Now that we have evangelized enough about video hosting and its virtues, let’s look at why it is the best marketing tool.

Why Is Video Hosting Platform The Best Video Marketing Tool?

If you have chosen to opt for the services of a video hosting platform, look out for the following features and benefits in them:

1. Making Your Videos Interactive

Video marketing aims to communicate your message to the viewers. Sometimes, the message gets lost in the translation from the script to the video. In today’s digital era laden with distractions, it is quite plausible that your viewer has stopped paying attention to your videos. 

Interactive videos are exactly what you need to rescue your video from going unseen. A video hosting platform enables you to include the following interactive hotspots:

(i) Call-to-action(CTA): The CTA defines the purpose of your video. In fact, without a CTA your video might look like a shot in the dark. A CTA’s fecundity improves by 380% when placed within the video compared to a normal CTA

(ii) Annotation Links: If you do not want to interrupt your viewer’s experience or you do not deem the reference worthy enough to be disruptive, you can opt for an annotation link. An annotation link is generally placed in a corner of the video, and it does not stop your video from playing.

(iii) Forms/Turnstile: Collect email addresses within your videos rather than yearning for your other lead magnets to perform. As we have already explored, video marketing is more potent than any other form of marketing. 

2. Get hands on Incisive Video Analytics

Video views and likes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to video analytics. You get real insightful information when you get your hands on incisive video stats such as average view time, play rate, CTR, open rate, video heatmaps, and so on. These video marketing statistics are not mere numbers. They are genuine indicators of what’s working for your videos and what’s not. 

3. Set up an Automated Video Email Marketing

Imagine an automated email campaign according to your viewer’s interaction with your videos. That’s exactly what video email marketing offers you. An email marketing campaign tailored according to the behaviour of your viewers. Let’s say that your viewer left your video halfway. You can send the viewer a gentle reminder to complete the video. You can send an automated email to your viewers based on their every action. 

4. Video SEO

A competent video hosting platform ensures that your video is automatically indexed and crawled the instant it is uploaded to your video hosting platform. It gives you a great shot at your videos showing up on the Google search engine results page(SERP).

What’s even the point of videos buried deep in a bottomless abyss? Optimized videos should be the norm if you are signing up for video hosting. 

5. Sharing video socially

Social media is one of the incredible tools of marketing. Combine it with the powerhouse of marketing like video marketing. You will witness amazing results. It is an anomaly if you do NOT share your videos on social media platforms like

Your marketing videos deserve to reach every nook and corner of the internet, and it deserves the right platform. Maximize the potential of social media as a marketing tool. The right video hosting platform will make sharing videos socially a child’s play. 

A painter needs a paintbrush to create his masterpiece on canvas. Similarly, you must empower marketers with the right marketing tools to take their company to greater heights. To bring your vision to life, it is crucial that you get a capable video hosting platform at your disposal.