21 Most Engaging Types of Video Content for Video Marketing Campaigns

Hari Krishnan - September 24, 2021 - Leave your thoughts.

Every marketing professional new to the world of video marketing has found themselves confused at least once— what should they make their marketing videos about?

While it is surprising that so many of us struggle with such a basic question (especially when we consider how much flexibility videos allow!), it is not at all uncommon. Video marketing is indeed shooting up in popularity every day. But that does not mean it has peaked.

Even today, a large chunk of marketing professionals remain clueless about the types of video content. They are still in the process of taking baby steps, finding the video marketing do’s and don’ts,  and such fundamental queries can easily arise.

However, that should never mean you give up. Video marketing has reaped some fabulous results and 99% of marketers who have tried it would never even imagine discontinuing.

In fact, to encourage you down the road of video marketing, we have got your back with the 21 most engaging types of video content you can create so that you can avoid the frustration of suffering from a creativity block.

Why Do You Need A Video Marketing Campaign?

If you are researching the types of video content that you can try out, you probably already know why you need a video marketing campaign. However, in case you are still on the fence, we have got you covered with some powerful reasons to try video marketing out today.

To put it simply, videos are ‘in’. Your audience is madly in love with them and they are your key to skyrocketing sales.

In short, your audience loves video marketing, it increases your brand’s authority, and it boosts your sales.

Is there anything more you can ask for?

21 Types of Video Content for Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Now that we have established once and for all that every marketer out there desperately needs video marketing, the next step is to understand what involves video marketing. Specifically, what kind of content can you create so that your video marketing campaigns never let you down?

These 21 most engaging types of video content are a great place to start and will never let you down when combined with a skillfully crafted strategy:

1. Brand Videos

At the top of your marketing funnel, awareness is the most important goal. Your ideal audience has no clue about you and will not take it well if you try to make them purchase your product/service immediately.

In such a situation, your best bet would be to opt for brand videos type of video content.

Brand videos are short videos, more like films, that help you in forging an early connection with your target audience by introducing your brand’s personality to them. They use audio, visuals, and a storytelling format to convey your core values, journey, and vision.

With brand videos, the most important aim is to touch the hearts of your target audience so that they do not forget you. You are not marketing to them by talking about your offering. Instead, you are making a friendly introduction to your brand so that they feel closer to you.

An amazing example of a brand video that would warm anyone’s heart is the one by Samsung Electronics. As a global leader in the sphere of technology, the video talks about the brand’s aim to uplift the world technologically by empowering educators.

Sounds a lot more friendly than a simple video about their products, right?

2. Educational Videos

Educational videos are another fantastic types of video content through which you can impress your target audience at the top of your marketing funnel.

No one likes a relationship where only one person keeps giving everything. The relationship between brands and their consumers is no different— if you want your target audience to purchase from you, you need to provide them with more than just your product/service.

After all, with so many similar options available in the market, why should a consumer choose you and not your competitor? The answer is simple— it is about the relationship you build with them.

With educational videos, you gain your target audience’s trust. You show them that you are willing to help them simply because they matter. Whether it is how-to videos, detailed guides, or tips and tricks— educational videos are also the best way to show off your expertise in your domain.

Shopify’s booming YouTube channel stands testimonial of the power of educational videos. With 245K subscribers that grow day by day, these videos provide the brand with amazing exposure to a confused audience just looking for help. It also wins the people’s trust by providing them with useful resources simply for the sake of helping them.

3. Animation

If you are nervous about the costs associated with using videos for mastering the top of your marketing funnel, fear not! You do not need to have expensive equipment or professional actors to shoot an amazing marketing video. A computer with decent animation software is more than enough.

Animated videos are a very catchy yet pocket-friendly type of video content to grab people’s attention. They provide you with infinite creative freedom and can be created at a low cost either by yourself or by a good video editor.

Even better, you have tons of options available to enchant your target audience. Whether you use 2D animation, 3D animation, or whiteboards— a skillfully made animated video will always catch your target audience’s eyes.

One brilliant example of a magnetic animated marketing video that mesmerized its audience is the one by Cisco. With bright colors and eye-pleasing animations, the video conveys a concept as complex as healthcare security solutions with great simplicity.

4. Vlogs

The past few years have seen an unreal amount of internet users going crazy about consuming video content. In fact, YouTube constitutes close to 1/3rd of all the internet users in the world!

In such an ecosystem, vlogs are one form of video content that has thrived the most. With 44% of the internet users watching them every single month, vlogs are one of the most popular types of video content that a business can tap into.

An excellent example of a brand using vlogs for marketing purposes would be the YouTube channel run by Latasha James, Founder of James + Park. Known for its in-depth content about freelancing and social media marketing, the channel also gives viewers a chance to look at the internet personality’s buzzing life as a hotshot freelance marketer.

5. Social Share Videos

While all videos can be shared on social media platforms, not all videos are created for the purpose of social sharing.

Social sharing is the practice of sharing content across websites and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It can be triggered by content that is humorous, controversial, thought-provoking, or capable of evoking a strong emotional reaction in any other way.

With social sharing videos, your main aim is to tap into your target audience in the social media setting so that they go forward and share your videos more. In this way, you would receive free marketing from your ideal customers for no cost.

The perfect example of a ridiculously viral social share video by a brand would be that of Reebok. The brand’s 25,915 Days video delivered a powerful message about the finiteness of human life and the need for making the best of each day, touching the hearts of many.

6. 360° Experience Videos

While the types of video content discussed so far are amazing for the top-of-the-funnel marketing strategy, what do you do when your leads become warmer? One way to go would be to try 360° experience videos!

Virtual Reality (VR), known for massively tickling the viewer’s senses with great sensory details, is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. People are falling in love with the realistic experience it provides and VR equipment’s sales have been predicted to rise to 30 million sets per year by 2023.

Coming close to our present understanding of VR, 360° experience videos are an amazing way of greatly involving your leads into your brand and making a lasting impression.

One example of a brand that made the right use of 360° experience videos would be Expedia. Their promotional video about Australian tourism mesmerizes its viewers with breathtaking visuals presented in the 360° mode and creates a burning longing to visit the country.

7. Video Emails

Do you know what is another sizzling hot marketing practice apart from video marketing? Email marketing, of course! Clearly, combining the two can result in a potent marketing tactic with far-reaching results.

There is no doubt that the modern consumer adores videos. Hubspot’s findings have made it amply clear— 9 out of 10 consumers would love to see more videos from brands in 2021.

When videos are taken by such a storm, is it any surprise that they are a boon to your email marketing efforts too? Merely adding the word ‘video’ to your email’s subject line can boost your emails’ opening rate by 19%, improve click-through rates by 65%, and reduce unsubscribes by 26%.

An amazing example of video email marketing done right would be that of Roota Mittal’s. With the right words and amazing videos, the entrepreneur dominates the freelancing education space in India.

8. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

MOFU leads know about your brand at a superficial level already. However, they are not there yet when it comes to converting into sales. An excellent way of connecting with such an audience would be to establish a more intimate connection by providing them with behind-the-scenes footage.

Having a brand that is perfect is amazing, no doubt. Yet, it is the little human touches that make a brand special and personal to its audience. Behind-the-scenes videos serve exactly that purpose.

These types of videos are so powerful that Victoria Secret’s YouTube channel, which had initially faced some amount of backlash because of insensitive content, has actually grown to close to 2 million subscribers!

9. User-Generated Videos

So, your leads are seeing and hearing all about your brand everywhere. They are, likely, also exploring more about your offering so that they can come to a decision soon. Do you know what can give you a tremendous advantage during this situation? The answer is user-generated videos.

User-generated videos are much more than your brand talking about itself. These videos show your existing customers and their experiences speaking for your brand. When used properly, user-generated videos can paint a glorious ‘after’ picture and push your leads right to the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Why not take a look at this through GoPro’s YouTube channel? The camera brand loves to share video content sent in by its users of them recording their epic adventures. This way leads who are considering making a purchase can see real-life customers enjoying the brand’s products and feel more encouraged.

10. Testimonials

While testimonials are also user-generated video content, they deserve a special mention. This is because the benefits of testimonials are many and these form one of the most fundamental types of video content you can use for your middle-of-the-funnel strategy.

Testimonials generate social proof for your product/service. They solidify the authenticity of your claims and create exclusivity. When a warm lead comes across testimonials of your offering and realizes the impact it has created on real-life individuals, they are much more likely to make a purchase.

A simple yet impactful example of video testimonials would be the one by Zoom that captures the positive experiences with the platform during the pandemic.

11. Interviews

Interviews are a unique type of video content that incorporates users without being generated by them. To put it in the simplest terms, interviews are nothing more than detailed testimonials led through a series of questions and answers.

One way in which these are completely different from testimonials is the amount of depth they provide. While testimonials are relatively short, interviews have a lot more real estate to offer.

With interviews, you can also incorporate your company’s point of view with your customer’s point of view. This way, the video can serve the dual purpose of acting as social proof and showing your brand’s personality.

Another way in which interview videos shine is by allowing you to bring in well-known personalities and public figures who inspire your target audience. This allows you to tap into their emotions and increase their confidence.

A successful example of a video interview is Anthropologie’s interview with Jacquelyn Jablonski which crossed over 10,000 views.

12. Video Announcements

Video announcements, more commonly known as Video Public Service Announcements (Video PSAs), are videos that tie your brand up with public service announcements to promote your products/services.

These public service announcements usually focus on social issues that people feel strongly about. The involvement of such strong emotions in your marketing efforts guarantees that you will get some amount of attention.

While most brands use such videos to spread popularly accepted messages, others have also been known to use them for spreading controversy for the sake of marketing.

The French coffee brand Couleur Café is one of the best examples of video PSA done right— it takes up an issue as grave as breast cancer, turns it into a quirky video, and spreads the important message of raising awareness.

13. Product Demonstration Videos

Product demonstration videos are a gift to your warm leads hanging around in the middle of your marketing funnel. These are the people whose curiosity has been piqued but who have not made up their minds yet.

In such a situation, educating them in detail about your product, or in particular, how to use it, can go a long way in establishing trust and transparency. These videos are also perfect for painting an ‘after’ picture where your product has solved the ideal customer’s pain points successfully.

Airtable’s basic product demonstration video called Meet Airtable is the most effortless product demo video out there and provides much to be inspired by.

14. Case Studies

Case studies make up the simplest and easiest way in which you can build your ideal customer’s trust. Create them in the video format and you will have a complete winner that will drive your conversion rate crazy!

Have you ever brought an immense change in a past or present customer’s life? Analyze what you did, how it helped them, and the difference it made. Combine it all in a video format and you have the perfect case study ready.

The greatest advantage of case studies videos is that they inform your leads about how you bring results without boring them. One such example of a video case study is the one by Room 214 about Rapt Media.

15. Company Culture Videos

As a marketer working tirelessly towards promoting your product/service, you must know that your brand is more than just an offering. It is made up of many different people who put in relentless effort to help your ideal customers.

Revealing this human side of your company can be one of the best things you do for your brand. It exposes your leads to the immense amount of effort you are putting in for them.

Such a company culture video can contain behind-the-scenes footage, interview clips of employees, or simply pranks, birthday parties, and achievements.

Apple’s employee recruitment video is a very heartwarming example of a company culture video that gives us a sneak peek inside the tech giant’s offices.

16. Webinars

Considering how videos are the most engaging form of content out there, there should be no surprise that webinars are the perfect choice for diving deep into your product/service.

The biggest advantage of video content of any form is that you have a lot of real estate. Since the audience has a lower likelihood of getting bored, you can afford to incorporate more information without losing their trust.

With webinars, you can inform leads at the middle of your marketing funnel who want to know more without getting bored. An amazing example of a webinar would be the one organized by Unreal Engine.

17. Event Videos (Live Streams)

The last type of video content on this list is meant for MOFU, event videos provide your leads with a chance to engage with you in real-time.

Through live streams, leads can feel involved in your brand’s events and happenings so that they have a more intimate connection with the company. It also allows for greater transparency since live streams are completely unfiltered with no edits.

One of the best parts of live streams is that you do not even need a proper video hosting platform to conduct them. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide you with enough resources to easily live stream and even interact with your followers!

In fact, Buzzfeed is one such popular brand that makes regular use of live streams to connect with its audience and establish a more intimate engagement.

18. Product Tips & Tricks Videos

If your leads are becoming warmer by the end and have officially descended to the bottom of your marketing funnel, it is time to add the fine touches to your video marketing strategy and wrap it up.

One way of doing so is through videos that demonstrate product tips and tricks. If your lead is watching such a video, it means they have become very invested in your product. They already have enough information and want to dive in just a little bit further before coming to a final decision.

This kind of video content has greatly benefited a brand like AppSumo whose video content strategy is based on getting viewers more involved with their product through detailed tips, tricks, and hacks.

19. FAQ Videos

An extension of the product tips and tricks videos are the FAQ videos. Like the videos about tips, tricks, and hacks, these videos also serve the purpose of involving your leads deeper into your product/service.

If a viewer is interested in checking out the frequently asked questions related to your offering, it means that they are very close to making a purchase. This stage is very crucial since you do not want to lose leads when they are almost convinced and just confirming some doubts.

McDonald’s is one highly popular brand with an FAQ video that answers some of the most pressing questions posed by consumers.

20. Personalized Videos

Today’s world is all about personalization. As businesses have come up rapidly one after the other, consumerism has increased. In such an ecosystem, the consumer has more than enough choices to choose from.

When getting the attention of your ideal customer is so difficult, one way to turn their heads would be through personalization. Personalized videos achieve exactly this.

Personalized videos are videos that incorporate some personal element so that they appear slightly different to each individual. These personalized elements include name, email, image, etc.

Another way to personalize videos would be through sharing the stories of real customers from their point of view. Famous confectionary brand Cadbury manages to do exactly this with its marketing video.

21. Thank You Videos

Thank you videos do not fit into your marketing funnel. These are shown after your lead has already been converted into a paid customer.

However, marketing does not end with a sale. It is a consistent effort to build trust and loyalty. With a thank you video, you can go a long way in nurturing this connection.

Thank you videos for appreciating your leads for putting their faith in your product/service and investing their money in your business. They elevate them from the position of a mere customer to a close friend.

In the end, you have won much more than a customer— you win yourself a loyal customer who would support your brand for the years to come.

A simple yet elegant example of a Thank You video is the one by Trey Woods, co-owner of Hoboken Coffee Roasters, where he shows his heartfelt gratitude for all the individuals who have supported his business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are the Main Types of Video Marketing That Must Be Used by B2B Businesses?

When it comes to video marketing for B2B businesses, there are 3 main types of video marketing that you must implement to position your brand as an authority in the industry and churn out quality leads consistently.
Branding Videos
As explained earlier, these are the videos that market your products/services by establishing a relationship. 
The purpose of these videos is not to push a sale. Instead, they are meant to protect your brand’s personality from your ideal customers so that they choose you.
Educational Videos
Educational videos are the best way to develop your authority in your industry. Become a flag-bearer of the latest information, news, tips, and tricks in your niche so that your target audience knows that they can rely on you.
Explainer Videos
These are the videos that you use to talk about your actual product/service. They highlight the features of your offering, the benefits it provides, and the USP that sets it apart from others.
In short, these are the videos that market your product/service directly to drive sales.

2. What Are The Main Goals of Marketing Videos?

There are several goals of marketing videos. When setting out with video marketing (Or, in fact, any type of marketing strategy!), always make sure that you have your goals in place. While it is impossible to completely predict the internet and how your audience will react, having some goals in mind will give you a better sense of direction and pace.
Some of the key goals that can try to achieve through video marketing include:
Attracting views on your videos to increase the reach of your brand.
Encouraging engagement of your viewers so that they are more involved with your brand.
Inspiring loyalty by providing your viewers with the right information so that they keep coming back for more.
Prompting social shares so that your reach keeps on increasing while also establishing your authority and credibility in the industry.
And much more!

3. How to Make Video Marketing Cost-Effective?

If you are a rookie at video marketing, you probably feel very hesitant about spending large amounts of money on video marketing. The same applies to small businesses that would love to take advantage of this extraordinary marketing technique but do not have too many funds.
For such situations, video marketing still remains viable because of its cost-effectiveness. As long as you can invest in the right equipment for shooting your videos and an appropriate platform for storing, sorting, and hosting them, you should be set.
If you want to make the process even more cost-effective, you can simply opt for stock footage or animations that would not require any actual equipment to shoot. You can also make use of free video marketing platforms such as YouTube as much as possible so that you save up money on hosting too.

4. How Do I Formulate An Effective Video Marketing Strategy?

While formulating an effective marketing strategy is a very long and detailed process, there are certain pointers you need to keep in mind to make sure that your campaigns are successful.
Some of these pointers include:
Make sure that you are very clear about your brand’s voice, tone, and personality. This will ensure that you have consistency across all marketing channels.
Have a very detailed understanding of your target audience and ideal customer so that you can avoid wasting your video marketing efforts on the wrong people as much as possible.
Define your goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that you can quantitatively measure your video campaign’s performance, analyze any gaps or issues, and improve accordingly.
Align the type of video content you choose with the stage of your marketing funnel to which your target audience belongs. This way you can plug in maximum leaks.
Understand the best practices about optimizing your videos for search engines so that you can achieve maximum reach.
Always ensure that the quality of your video content is as good as possible since it reflects dedication, commitment, and professionalism. It also encourages engagement and retains your audience for longer.

5. What Are the Ingredients of A Successful Marketing Video?

If you want to make powerful marketing videos from the get-go that drive action and generate high ROI, you must include the following essential ‘ingredients’:
Excellent quality audio and visuals so that your audience stays engaged till the very end!
Sufficient bandwidth and server space to ensure that your viewers get a smooth experience watching your videos.
Appropriate video length so that you get your message across without boring your viewers. The right depends on a variety of factors such as your target audience and the stage of your marketing funnel.
Excellent formatting and editing to make sure that your video flows and your viewers stay hooked.
A powerful Call to Action (CTA) at the end would prompt your viewers to act immediately!

The Quest for The Perfect Video Content

With this amazingly long list of video content types, you are bound to get a very clear idea about where to start with your video content marketing efforts. Make sure to experiment with as many as possible, add your own flair to every step that you take, and never give up!

In the end, an important lesson we would always recommend you to remember is that there is no such thing as perfect video content. This list is just a start and the possibilities of using videos in marketing are endless.

As you experiment, learn, and grow, you will discover a million more ways to use video marketing. Until then, why not try jumping right into the deep end of video marketing by giving all these types of video content a try?