10 Benefits of Video Marketing for Businesses

The dividends of video marketing benefits cannot be overstated. People often mistake video marketing for video advertising. However, video advertising is just a part of video marketing. In this article, we will have a look at the benefits of video marketing in 2023. 

Videos are everywhere. The fact that every social media platform has been moulded to accommodate videos is a testament to the irresistibility of videos. It would be a grave error not to capitalize on the popularity of videos. Video marketing should be the cornerstone of all marketing strategies.

Let’s dive deep into the benefits of video marketing for businesses

Benefits of Video Marketing for Businesses

Here are the advantages of video marketing for businesses. 

1. Video Marketing Increases Conversions and Revenue

What’s the lifeline of any business? Its revenue. A business survives on profits. That’s precisely why a business pours lots of money into marketing so that it can reach its customers. Video marketing is the most effective evangelist for your business. 

Video landing pages increase your conversions by 80%. While interactive videos increase lead generation by 18%. Videos are so effective that 74% of customers buy a product when they come across product or explainer videos. 

2. Videos Are Loved Across the Globe

An average person spends 100 minutes per day watching videos. Videos are copiously consumed because humans are visual beings. You should always build your marketing campaigns on the most popular channels. Video-first marketing is the future of marketing. The sooner businesses realize that the sooner they will be on the road to prosperity. 

3. Videos Transform Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The benefits of using videos for email marketing and outreach have been well documented. The mere mention of the word “video” in the subject line increases the open rates by 26%. Your click-through rate basks in the glory of the power of email marketing too as it experiences an increase of 65% compared to text-based email marketing.

Empower your email marketing campaigns with videos. As a result, you will witness wonders. 

4. Videos Increase Traffic

82% of global internet traffic is derived from videos. When videos increase open rates, CTR, and landing page conversions, it is bound to increase web traffic. 

5. Videos Improve SERPs Ranking

Videos decrease bounce rate by 35% compared to text and image-based pages. This implies that videos improve the dwell time on a page. According to research, the dwell time of a page is an important consideration for Google’s algorithm while ranking searches. With videos, you improve the dwell time as well as your rankings on Google.

6. Videos Help in Building Trust

Seeing is believing. That’s why brick-and-mortar stores businesses will not cease to exist. Physical touch is irreplaceable. However, the next best thing is to see the product. Videos help you showcase the product. Having a look at the product instils trust in the viewers, and the chances of them converting to customers increase. 

7. Increase Your Reach on Social Media

As a business, you want your brand and product to reach every nook and corner of the world. It increases the probability of your product being sold more. Participating in trade shows and advertising in loads of countries will break the bank.

With videos, you can reach customers in the other corner of the world without having to move an inch. Videos generate 1200% more shares compared to text and image-based content. Videos are shortcuts for your product’s global claim to fame. 

8. Videos Increase Your Return On Investment(ROI)

What is the ultimate consequence of better lead generation, conversions, open rate, click-through rate, and social media reach? Increased ROI. Video marketing comes across as expensive. On the contrary, it is not. All you need to have is a camera and a microphone. Notwithstanding its affordability, video marketing also offers a 52% higher return on investment compared to its marketing counterparts.

9. Video Marketing Is the Present and Future

Ever since their inception, videos have captured people’s imagination. Videos are the most consumed form of content in every domain of life. Be it in entertainment, sports, marketing, etc.

Videos have managed to supersede the numero uno mediums of every field. Videos have also sustained their dominance. Why? The video format has kept evolving. They have only become better. Videos are also scalable. Ergo, videos will continue to rule the roost of marketing.  

10. Videos Help in Backlink Generation

Apart from bettering ranking on Google SERP, videos help in another integral aspect of SEO - backlink generation. Backlinks play an integral role in your website’s visibility. They also increase the domain authority of your website and increase the credibility of your website.

According to SEO experts Moz, your website’s backlinks increase by three times as a result of embedding videos on its page. 

All in all, video marketing is beneficial for your business. With a proper video marketing strategy, the sky’s the limit for your business. However, remember that you should devise a video marketing strategy as foolproof as possible. To form a foolproof video marketing strategy, join hands with a video hosting platform that is centred on video marketing.