12 Tips for Successful Video Marketing in 2023

Video marketing has become the way to go. Marketing has become incomplete without a video marketing strategy. Be it video marketing for a small business or a large business, video marketing has proven to be the answer to most marketing problems. 

It is projected that there will be 3.5 billion video watchers every month in 2023. It does not take rocket science to figure out that video marketing is the way to go. However, the pursuit of a solution does not end by knowing the solution. It is imperative that you know what it takes to execute a video marketing strategy.

In this article, let’s look at the tips to ensure that your video marketing meets its goals and objectives.

Tips for Successful Video Marketing

Let’s dive right into top-notch video marketing tips.

  1. Build Your Video Marketing Strategy Around Stories

We know that you have poured a lot of passion into your product. You cannot wait to evangelize your product. However, your video marketing revolving solely around your product will irk your audience. You cannot force your product down the throat of your audience. Such a strategy will prove to be counterproductive. 

Instead, use stories. Stories have connected people since time immemorial. Stories will make your product relatable. Make your product revolve around your audience instead of doing it the other way around. 

  1. Design Your Video Marketing Strategy for Your Target Audience 

There is only one bull's eye in the game of darts. There might be two goalposts in football. But you can choose to aim to put your ball in the back of the net on only one side. Your target audience need not be so narrow. However, spreading your net to capture a wide audience is not a judicious strategy. Do your research. Know who your target audience is.

Make videos that appeal to your target audience rather than trying to win over all the people. 

  1. Address Your Audience’s Pain Points Through Video Marketing

No one will buy a product just because it is a good product. They will buy it if they know how it solves their problems. People should know how your product makes their life better and easier. Communicate how your product solves your target audience’s problems. Make them know that your product will make their life easier through videos. 

  1. Use an Interesting and Informative Thumbnail

Your thumbnail is the preview of your video. Not only should your thumbnail be interesting, but it should also provide information about what your video is about. Your audience will look past your video if your thumbnail is uninteresting. Therefore, ensure that the video’s thumbnail is captivating enough for the audience to watch your video. 

  1. Get Off to a Good Start

Our attention spans are worse than that of a goldfish. How do you keep your audience hooked to a video? By ensuring that your video is engaging right off the bat. Do not beat around the bush. Get to the point as soon as possible. Remember that your audience has content everywhere to choose from. 

  1. Use a Script

Your video needs direction. It can be all over the place. Having a script at your disposal will help you create an effective video. You cannot rely solely on your spontaneity. There is only so far your spontaneity can take you. It is important to have a well-written script on paper. Online video marketing needs good scripts.

  1. Share Your Videos on Social Media

Virality is the key to any successful video marketing strategy. Social media platforms have immense potential. There are billions of people on social media. Yes, not all of them constitute your target audience. However, there is immense potential for creating virality and brand awareness on social media. 

  1. Include CTAs in Your Videos

The CTA denotes the purpose of your videos. Your videos will look like a shot in the dark without a CTA. The CTAs define the purpose of your videos. Without a CTA, your video will look pointless. Include a CTA in your video to define it. You can add a CTA in your videos anywhere you want. At the beginning of your video, the middle of the video, or the end of the video.

  1. Make Your Videos Interactive

Gamification is the norm today. Gamifying your videos will make your video marketing strategy more potent. Interactive videos help your videos become more engaging and appealing. You can make your videos interactive by adding interactive hotspots like CTA, forms, quizzes, surveys, and polls.

  1. Optimize Your Videos for SEO

Your videos need to be visible. Your videos need to be indexed and crawled for having a shot at appearing on Google SERPs. It can be hectic to ensure that your video gets optimized for SEO every time you upload. Instead of that, you should for a platform that automates your video SEO

  1. Track Your Videos’ Performance

To have a finger on the pulse of your audience, you need video analytics beyond video views and likes. Getting your hands on stats like average view time, play rate, video engagement, heatmaps, and so on will do a world of good for your video marketing strategy. 

  1. Collaborating with a Video Hosting Platform

Well, it can be quite a task to make your videos interactive, optimize them, and add thumbnails to them. You have other factors of your business to take care of too. Yes, your online video marketing strategy is important but that does not mean you can afford to invest all your time in video marketing. That’s precisely why you need to join hands with a video hosting platform.

Video marketing is no child’s play. But video marketing makes the toiling worth it. It is far more productive than its counterparts. In fact, video-first marketing - a marketing strategy built around videos is the way to go. Following the above-mentioned tips for video marketing will yield benefits for your business.