7 Ways to Use Customer Testimonial Videos in Marketing Campaigns

Customer testimonial videos have become a norm in every marketing strategy. Your customers backing your product and organization will do wonders for your businesses. Let’s have a look at how customer testimonial videos for marketing should be used as a part of your marketing campaign.

77% of customers rely on customer testimonial videos before making a purchase. Not every marketing strategy will hit the bull’s eye. The failure of any marketing strategy can be narrowed down to the lack of empathetic storytelling.

Every marketing campaign needs to have a humane touch to connect with the audience. However, it is easier said than done. The primary question that arises is how to create an empathetic narrative for your product. 

Social proof is a testament to a product’s credibility and authenticity. Nothing drives the point home like another homo sapien vouching for your product.

A customer hailing the product in front of the camera bolsters your marketing campaign if it is a customer hailing the product in front of the camera. They add credibility to your organization’s and product’s name.

Let’s have a look at customer video testimonials. 

What Are Customer Testimonial Videos?

Customer video testimonials are videos where your satisfied customers speak about their experiences with your product. They are a great example of user-generated content(UGC) apart from serving as the ultimate social proof. 

Text-based testimonials are faceless and lack any dynamism. They can come across as bland and may not transcend beyond being an amalgamation of words and numbers.

Testimonial videos almost feel tangible. They add life to your testimonials and make them more authentic.

Your potential customers are bound to believe your customers’ speaking about your product. Not only does your product get evangelized, but it also presents your product from a more relatable standpoint. 

No wonder 79% of customers use testimonial videos to gain clarity about a product. Now that we have a brief look at customer testimonial videos. Let’s look at how we can use customer testimonial videos for marketing campaigns. 

How to Use Customer Testimonial Videos in Marketing Campaigns

Here’s how to use customer testimonial videos.

1. On Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great bridge to move customers from the middle of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel. You would want to put your best foot forward on your landing pages. What better way than to have your customers endorse your products on them?

As a bonus, landing pages also help you reduce the bounce rate on your website by 34%.  The following landing page from Khan Academy does a fine job of including video testimonials from their students on their landing pages.

Image Source: Khan Academy

2. Use Customer Testimonial Videos as Tutorial Videos or Explainer Videos

Tutorial videos often come across as mechanical. An expert explaining how to use a product might not be relatable to prospective customers, as an expert might use a lot of jargon.

However, a fellow customer doing the same will be more relatable. GoPro’s video is a great example of a customer shooting a tutorial video.  

3. Create a Page Dedicated to Testimonial Videos on Your Website

Your product’s value proposition likely serves different customers. That’s the reason marketers build different buyer personas.

A customer testimonial video from a single standpoint will not do justice to your product’s capabilities. Hence, you are better off building a page dedicated to testimonial videos on your website.

The business automation software mhelpdesk does a great job of clubbing its customer testimonial videos under a single roof.

Image Source: mhelpdesk

4. Use them in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

We have spoken quite a bit about how a video in an email does wonders. Yes, just the thought of embedding a video testimonial in an automated email campaign on a platform like Mailchimp can be overwhelming.

However, with the right video email marketing platform, embedding a video on your existing email marketing platform can be a cakewalk. 

5. Use them on Social Media

Marketing campaigns with videos on social media record a 34% higher conversion rate than their text and image contemporaries. People now live on social media. Almost every social media platform can play videos.

Customer testimonial videos can be a great tool to exhibit how your product helps your customers. Once again, GoPro does a great job posting UGC and testimonial videos on their Instagram account.

You can share your videos on your social media accounts right from the GetShow app. Watch the video below to find out how.

6. Couple Customer Testimonial Videos With a Case Study

Testimonial videos feature the customers talking about your product helped right from the moment the audience hits the play button. A video with a case study provides context and text to your customer testimonial videos. 

Slack, a popular community and professional communication platform, makes amazing use of video testimonials and case studies. 

Customer Testimonial Videos - Slack.com

Image Source: Slack

Use Them in Relevant Blogs

Every blog of yours ought to evangelize the benefits of your product. However, text-based content is not consumed as much as videos.

Coupling your blog with relevant customer testimonial videos will help you explain your product in a better manner.

Since its inception, video is only growing in popularity. Marketers always seek better ways of storytelling. Customers lending their voices and faces to substantiate your claim about your product has helped them and will definitely help you make inroads in the right direction.

Yes, hosting and tracking customer testimonial videos can seem like an uphill task. All you need to do is join hands with a video hosting and analytics platform to make the most of your customer testimonial videos.